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“I am Fetus” is a story of an unborn fetus conceived out of love and yet never seeing the light of day. Author Rosemarie Cole gave voice to the unborn fetus, allowing her to narrate her own story from a wide-eyed and wondrous perspective.

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Rosemarie Cole

Rosemarie Cole is a bible school student training to be an ordained Minister. She wants to preach the gospel across continents. Rosemarie was always fond of writing and has used it many times before to broadcast her biblical worldview and announce her allegiance. In 2021, she landed a breakthrough story idea, “I am Fetus,” during a Nine Dots competition.


I am Fetus

Author Rosemarie Cole announces her pro-life allegiance in this heartfelt story of love, creation, and motherhood. “I am Fetus” is a sublime reply to the outcry against the reversal of Roe vs. Wade in June 2022. Rosemarie gives voice to an unborn fetus, allowing her to narrate how it came to existence through love and acceptance.

Readers witness the void in a mother’s womb becoming home to a fetus growing into a baby trimester after trimester. Each chapter introduces new thoughts, emotions, and fears, detailing how human life comes into existence consciously. Rosemarie clarifies readers’ confusion about making adoption a choice and supporting the baby’s right to live.

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Rosemarie Cole


Table of Content

The story starts with a chance meeting between the fetus’ parents. Readers witness as they slowly get to know each other and fall in love, promising each other everything good in life.

The young couple starts a new life but struggles to conceive, leading them to consider IVF. After 7 years of continuous efforts, the couple was finally blessed.

We learn how the mother got pregnant from the fetus growing in her belly. She is developing healthily and is conscious of everything around her.

The fetus shares the first time she heard her mother’s voice and how each day brought new changes in her life. She is saddened by the news of her grandmother’s passing.

The fetus is excited to be growing in length and weight. She hears friends and families play games and bring gifts for her and is proud when the doctor tells her mother she is in great health.

The fetus advocates for the lives of many like her and lists the most common reasons behind thousands of abortions in the United States.

The fetus announces her agreement with the biblical worldview and explains the demerits of Roe vs. Wade.

The fetus shares the fictional accounts of abortion stories and all the traumatic experiences of the many women who went through it.

The fetus chooses life, even in the case of rape and incest, and puts her faith in God’s plan.

The fetus educates her audience on climate change and global warming and what people can do to protect future generations.

The fetus knows the world she is supposed to live and grow in is slowly dying. She worries about her future and shares possible solutions to impede the catastrophe.

The fetus narrates the story of a complicated birth and the subsequent relief of the parents. She reveals how parents, first-timers or not, put their faith in God to help them take care of new life.

The fetus addresses the important issues of race and ethnicity in reference to her biracial background. She emphasizes protecting children from radical thoughts.

The fetus doesn’t know her future and is hopeful to be born and live a happy life.

The fetus is sympathetic toward the elderly struggling to keep up with society and the changing world.

The fetus appreciates the contribution of every human that has come before her and uses the words of God to praise different fields and social roles.

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